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Posted By Topic: 370v fan on 415 v?

Feb 04 2014 19:43

a customer has given me a big 20-24\'ish fan to connect they got off trademe.
it is a wing tong 838.
it has 370v 9A 50Hz stamped on the plate and has 3 connection terminals.
will this be safe to run on 415v in delta configuration or should it not be run above 370v
I cant find any information about the fan
Can anybody help please

Feb 04 2014 21:35

Pic or Trademe Auction Number?

Note that if it\'s made for the Chinese electrical system the phase-neutral voltage there is 220V (380V phase-phase). It might be ok but you may have problems with increased noise and heating due to the increased magnetising current.

Feb 04 2014 21:44

no picture/ auction number as was purchased a while ago. increased heat will also decrease life. anybody out there connected one with same rated voltage before?
if so any issues encounted.

Feb 04 2014 21:46

will try to get some pictures of the fan up in the next couple of days

Feb 05 2014 08:24

Don\'t connect it. It is not rated for our supply. If you connect it and certify then you will have made a false declaration on a legal document.
The one where it says: Contains fittings that are safe to connect to a power supply.
And the one that says: Is safe to connect.

Seems like you already have concerns about this fan so just don\'t do it.
Explain to the customer the consequences for him and you.
Prosecution, loss of insurance etc.

Feb 06 2014 09:44

Check with the motor manufacturer or a motor rewinder - you\'ll likely find the operating voltage is +/-10%. If this is the case then connection to NZ 400v supply would be acceptable.

This motor, due it\'s size, must have overload protection. Be aware that a thermal overload would need to be set less than 9A on account of the higher voltage in use.

Alternatively if you are supplying the starter then consider using a VSD which can supply 370v.

Lastly you say only three connections but go on to say connection in delta. With only three terminals you don\'t get a choice. If the windings are rated 220v then the motor is star. If the windings are rated 370v then it is delta. Either way the star/delta connections are internal.