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Posted By Topic: Is an RCCB + MCB ok in NZ?

Jul 01 2014 15:33

Found a brand new hager 2P, 40A, 30mA, Type A RCCB in the shed. Would it be ok to use this in conjunction with the appropriate MCB/MCBs for a couple of circuits in a new kitchen fitout or do I have to use an RCBO?

Jul 01 2014 16:03

Just follow all of as/nzs 3000 clause 2.6

You can only feed 3 MCBs from the RCCB

Jul 01 2014 19:03

...or if you\'re following ECP51 then you ought to get your inspector involved early before anything gets covered up.

Mar 09 2018 15:56

RCCB is a residual current operation protector and MCB is a miniature circuit protector (miniature circuit breaker ) . Their same role is : under normal circumstances , for infrequent integration , sub-circuit , start and stop the motor ; in line or motor to overload , short circuit or under voltage and other faults , can automatically cut off the circuit to be protected . Circuit breakers are divided into four types depending on the protection object : 1 . Distribution protection type - protection for power and electrical lines (wires , cables ) and equipment ; 2 . Motor protection type - It is designed for frequent starting of the motor , breaking with 3 . Protection for home and similar home sites - protection for lighting circuits , household appliances , etc . ; 4 . Residual Current (Current Leakage ) . Protection Type - Protector used to protect people from electric shock and prevent electrical fire . Should be in every country