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Posted By Topic: Voltex

Sep 09 2014 10:10

I hope every one has noted our new sponser, It would be great to see some returns for them.
Ron Proffit

Sep 09 2014 10:55

Hi Ron,
Off topic, but since you\'ve posted not long ago I figure there\'s a good chance you\'ll read this.
There are a couple of users and threads needing deletion as spam: Posts by zanzann on the 25th of August, Women74 & 75 on the 23rd of August, and posts by niangao and faguo on the 12th of August (most of these were clustered together by the last post from AngryClient on the same day, but one has had a further comment by Harvey on the 17th of August).
Feel free to remove my comment here when you\'re done.

Sep 09 2014 19:10

I had to upgrade a board that had an 8ka PSSC. The Voltex 10ka MCB\'s were much cheaper and arrived next day. So I\'m a happy customer and I\'ll shop again. It was ridiculously easy to set up the account as well.

Sep 30 2014 22:00

A quick warning on the voltex rcds. My boss ordered 6 of these. Non of which switched the neutral (as required by ESR 2010). 3 of which the test button didn\'t work. Just a warning.

Oct 01 2014 09:05

More detail would be nice, like model, 1p or 2P etc. Facts are important.

Oct 01 2014 20:43

I believe that they were these ones.

Oct 08 2014 11:53

ElectroQuip-Voltex® treats product compliance and quality as a number one priority. We have no record of any situations as per the one stated above having been reported to us, but we welcome feedback in the event of any product issues arising – call us directly on 0800 55 66 33.

ElectroQuip-Voltex® takes electrical safety compliance very seriously, as we fully understand the implications of supplying non-compliant electrical products. We will not offer any electrical item/s for sale in NZ unless they have been tested to the applicable standards by an independent accredited test laboratory. SDoC’s are issued based on test reports and certificates issued by these laboratories. In addition, regular testing of production samples is undertaken to ensure continuing compliance with the standard/s applicable to each product group.


Oct 11 2014 22:51

I have been using these for 2 years now and have only had one that didnt trip when button was pushed. It was replaced quickly and with no fuss. The other hundreds that I have installed have tested out every time and they are a good cheap but good product.