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Posted By Topic: Are these plug types still permitted..?

Oct 22 2014 10:23

Hi, are these Cannon style audio plugs still permitted to be used as a 230v supply plug..?

One end of the lead has a standard 10amp plug, with this being the connection to the device.


Oct 22 2014 12:07

Thats an EP series connector, specifically an EP-3.

Never recommended for mains use, as its just too easy to stick stuff in the holes. problem is that there isn\'t a connector that fits in the same hole that is to be recommended.

The recommended connector is a Neutrik powercon, of which there is now two ranges. The traditional choice would be a NAC3MPA-1 socket with a mating NAC3FCA on the end of the cable. Rated at 20A, but with a switching capacity of zero, so if there isn\'t an on-off switch the use is off the books, but still standard practice.

The other nightmare about EP connectors is that there is no \"official\" pinout. Think where that can lead...

And boys, if you\'re coiling a cable with an EP on the end, be careful, they have this quality where they aim for the sensitive boy bits, and my, do they smart when they hit home!


Oct 22 2014 12:11

Actually, I\'ve made an assumption there, that it was an EP, but looking again at the photo, that looks like a mic connector (as widely used on CB radios and the like) to its left, which would make this connecter an ordinary audio XLR.

These were never rated for mains use. There was a specific mains connector that fitted in the same space that was permitted, but then got banned, but that all happened years ago.

If it is a standard audio XLR, then the above-mentioned powercon will fit in the hole with a bot of bodging, and will be a safe replacement.

Oct 29 2014 18:19

No. The ITTCannon datasheet rates them at only 133Vac (page 5),

although it also says \"Insulation Resistance 5,000mohm min at 500VDC\" :-)

the neutrik equivalent says \"less than 50V\".

Of course if they were to be used for mains, you need to consider the inevitable stuff up when someone plugs that mains lead into an audio circuit!

Oct 30 2014 08:46

Yeah, that\'s what I said, standard XLRs as used for audio were never rated for mains use.

I mistakenly originally thought the connector was an EP series connector, which had an acceptable voltage rating for mains use. I thought this as it had the round construction, which is standard for EP, but only rarely used for standard XLRs.

There was mains rated and intended connector that was the same size as the standard XLR connector, but they went away eons ago, deemed unsafe. Widely used by the BBC.