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Posted By Topic: earthing cable tray

Apr 22 2015 14:23

Just a quick one... does cable tray need to be earthed if all the cables on it are double insulated ?

Apr 22 2015 15:50


Nov 25 2018 19:39

One of the exceptions, with conditions, is "Protection by the use of double insulation".

I have a job where neutral screen cable runs on a short length of cable tray. It's very easy to bond the tray to the earth bar and I've no problem doing it but I was just wondering if neutral screen is considered "double insulated".

Given that the neutral is an active conductor I'm picking it is not double insulated. Thank you.

Nov 25 2018 21:16

Neutral is a Live Conductor. Not active conductor. I sometimes say the wrong thing 😊

Nov 25 2018 21:25

I am not so sure on whether a PEN conductor is a live conductor, though.