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Posted By Topic: eathing reo in slab of new house

Apr 28 2015 18:36

is it compulsory to earth reinforcing in a slab of new house. I normally do but this time the guys pouring the foundations bent the exposed reo over into the slab to get it out the way.
cheers guys.

if I d any suggestions, cheers

Apr 28 2015 19:18

Well it\'s in the bible -

Maybe you can find a position where the reinforcing can be exposed again so you can connect to it. Under the shower tray for example. Then mortar to cover it again.

Apr 29 2015 17:42

or tell the builder and the owner that you cant get the house connected until it\'s done, and make it his problem to give you a connection point.

Apr 05 2019 15:02

do i have to run the earth back to the men board or will an internal distribution earth suffice?

Apr 05 2019 15:47; 2nd para