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Posted By Topic: bonding steel rondo

May 18 2015 05:38

Recently my builder as started using steel rondo for ceiling battens on his house renovations. Do I need to bond? This questions may have been asked before but I was unable to find it.

May 18 2015 07:28

No you don\'t need to bond it.

If you drill holes in it for cables and mount lights or other fittings on it, you might need to earth it. Check 5.4.6 for details.

Personally, I don\'t mount lights or fittings on rondo - I fit timber supports (or have the builder fit the timber), drill through the timber for the cables then screw the lights to the timber for fit off.

Obviously you wouldn\'t run wires in the rondo channel either.

May 18 2015 08:57

The clause is 5.4.6.

Not bonding, but earthing.
Which affects the size of the conductor used: to match the biggest associated active, but min 2.5 for single core.

Not only for where the cable passes through the rondo batten, but also if you are the type who pushes stripped-off conductors up into the ceiling space (double insulation not maintained).

Next comes the question of whether ceiling battens are part of the building\'s framework.
If so, then requires earthing in dwellings regardless of any other consideration.

Personally I don\'t regard this as part of the frame, more as part of the mounting system for the lining.