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Posted By Topic: Dumbest thing you\'ve done.

May 21 2015 12:43

I think I just done mine. Let it be said right from the start that I\'m not a sparky but have done my own electrical work for years. Everything bar hooking up to the switchboard.

I was installing a new lamp holder suspension kit in the bedroom. Something I\'ve done a 100 times. 3min later I\'m done. Power back on. Nothing. Ok, power back off, unwrap the tape, fiddle around with the wires. Power back on, test it, definitely a current there. Power back off, hook up the wires again, power on. Nothing. FFS, the kit must be faulty. Got a new one from the garage and installed it. Still nothing. I just can\'t see there being two faulty kits but just to be sure, I removed the one from the living room I KNOW works and hook it up to the bedroom. Nothing. Now I\'m starting to use pretty foul language. I know there\'s an effing current, I know that at least one of the kits are working. A trivial job that should\'ve taken me no more than a few minutes is now turned into an hour job and I still can\'t figure out what\'s wrong. I\'m about to run new cables when it occurred to me to check the dimmer. Boom, light goes on.

I mean good lord, how stupid can one be.


May 21 2015 14:11

Well, to be fair, there was no current flowing through your suspension kit at all until your lamp was on.

May 21 2015 15:28

“Power back on, test it, definitely a current there.” How did you test current was there?? “unwrap the tape, fiddle around with the wires” sounds like you are almost a real tradesman lol.

May 21 2015 18:02

rainman, how can you have done this 100 times when it is only legal to do it in your own house?

May 21 2015 18:16

To be more specific Rarrar, it\'s only legal to do it in a house that you own that is your place of residence (I forget the exact wording).

So we\'ll wait to see if RainMan cares to mention how many rental properties he owns?

May 22 2015 07:01

I\'d say the dumbest thing you\'ve done is make the opening statement of \"Let it be said right from the start that I\'m not a sparky but have done my own electrical work for years\" and then proceed to regale your dumb story to a forum full of actual sparkies.

What is it you\'re looking for? A Darwin Award perhaps?

May 22 2015 08:37

Perhaps it took a hundred times to get it right.

May 23 2015 08:33

No that\'s not the dumbest thing you\'ve ever done - telling us about it is way dumber. Do you really think we electricians would read this story and offer you sympathy? Your description of your testing techniques, not to mention your lack of knowledge of basic electrical theory, will one day bite you up the ass. I just hope that there are no innocent victims of your arrogant and illegal activity. You are a bottom dweller.

May 24 2015 07:51

Don\'t be to hard on him; plenty of licenced people have:

- made the same mistake of assuming voltage they get on test means current is available

http:// failed to connect properly

May 24 2015 07:59

Whoops - hit a wrong combination of keys there.

to continue:

- failed to connect properly (twist & tape)

- failed to test their work

- failed to isolate before doing the job (the room switch is NOT an isolator)

This work is NOT illegal for a homeowner. And so far he\'s show himself to be as good as many tradespeople. Sad but true.

Lack of embarrassment isn\'t a crime either.

However he was ready to run new cables, with no suggestion that this work would be checked by an Inspector as required. That would be illegal.

May 24 2015 10:58

My neghbour asked me to look at a light which was very dim. I pulled out the lamp and was a 60W. Asked him if there was a dimmer on the light. He thought for a bit and reached behind the curtain and turned it up. Been like it for years but he hardly ever used it.