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Posted By Topic: Adult Apprenticeship wages

Oct 03 2015 15:23

I am being made redundant in my current role shortly (construction), I'm 33 and have no formal trade but want to do an electrical trade and have done for years, but as I was always steadily employed I didn't take it any further, now I want / need to. but im curious about what wages would apply to a adult apprentice and or other benefits (I've never been on benefits ever but may have to to be able to survive for a while), being that im a family man with a wife and 2 young children to support this is important. I will sell up my house etc to reduce bills to make this happen. I have been researching but not found any relevant info yet. Thankyou.

Oct 03 2015 15:58

You can do it if you put your mind to it, unfortunately being an adult doesn't really get you any more in terms of wages.
Your probably looking at $15p/'s tough at first especially with kids & a can expect a pay rise of about $2 every year as you gain experience.
And be prepared to to lots of crawling into really tight spaces on ceilings & under houses.

Sep 30 2018 00:35

some of the guys doing an apprenticeship with agencies tell me they only get $14 per hour, below minimum wage. They can do that through some loop hole for training. So dont do an apprenticeship with any agency.

Sep 30 2018 10:54

Out of interest, what do the agencies charge the customer?