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Posted By Topic: Adult Apprenticeship wages

Oct 03 2015 15:23

I am being made redundant in my current role shortly (construction), I\'m 33 and have no formal trade but want to do an electrical trade and have done for years, but as I was always steadily employed I didn\'t take it any further, now I want / need to. but im curious about what wages would apply to a adult apprentice and or other benefits (I\'ve never been on benefits ever but may have to to be able to survive for a while), being that im a family man with a wife and 2 young children to support this is important. I will sell up my house etc to reduce bills to make this happen. I have been researching but not found any relevant info yet. Thankyou.

Oct 03 2015 15:58

You can do it if you put your mind to it, unfortunately being an adult doesn\'t really get you any more in terms of wages.
Your probably looking at $15p/\'s tough at first especially with kids & a can expect a pay rise of about $2 every year as you gain experience.
And be prepared to to lots of crawling into really tight spaces on ceilings & under houses.

Sep 30 2018 00:35

some of the guys doing an apprenticeship with agencies tell me they only get $14 per hour, below minimum wage. They can do that through some loop hole for training. So dont do an apprenticeship with any agency.

Sep 30 2018 10:54

Out of interest, what do the agencies charge the customer?

Nov 05 2018 14:11

They get around minimum wage by having a training agreement instead of a contract with the apprentice. They then cover the costs of training as well instead of the apprentice paying for it themselves.

Nov 05 2018 16:21

The agencies charge out nearly double what the apprentice gets. When I was around 2nd year qualified, I was costing the company the same as the apprentice (hourly rate only, not including holiday pay etc)

Nov 05 2018 16:50

Almost 8 years ago I was getting $19 an hour as an adult apprentice, my training fees were deducted from my wages but I could claim them back if I stayed with my employer after 1 year of completing each level. Didn\'t matter much as there was lots of overtime to be had. Only issue was getting enough sleep and rest due to working long hours, studying and sitting exams. Block courses were like a paid holiday. If you can get through the first two years you\'ll make it to registration.
It may take a few months to find a decent employer so don\'t just go for the agency as a last resort. Took me 6 months to find an employer after applying to nearly every electrical company in NZ SI. Most agencies won\'t take on adult apprentices anyway, I think basically due to the fact that we have had decent employers in the past so won\'t put up with their crap for long. ETCO declined my application anyway, still ended up doing my block courses and night school with them though.