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Posted By Topic: IP rating

Jan 29 2016 19:31


I have a question about IP ratings.

I have recently been asked to connect several water fountains that have an internal cooling system ie compressor etc.

The plate mentions they are only rated to IP23 i mentioned this to the powers that be and they said that this doesnt matter?

My argument with them is due to the areas that they wish to have these items installed is a full washdown area that an appliance rated at IP23 isnt good enough and i have refused to connect. By full washdown i mean high pressure hoses and chemical wash etc.

Your thoughts? Is there something else i could do? Am i wrong?

Jan 29 2016 20:12

Any picture of the device and location area?

Jan 29 2016 21:48

Hi Shane,

Sorry no camera aloud on site.
It is in a position where it gets fully washed down. Its the stainless type with vent 1/3 of the way up from the bottom.


Jan 29 2016 22:00

reading wiring rules 4.3.1
i find it hard to say it is safe to connect?

Jan 29 2016 22:00

Is this link similar to what you have been asked to install?
If so I would say you are right. You could always install an appropriate outlet (56SO310)protected by a RCD and leave it up to them to plug in what ever they want. If not already done put it in writing these are not suitable for a wash down area. Offer suggestions. Perhaps install the other side of a wall and bring the tap through. A talk with the supplier may be helpful for an alternative solution.

Jan 29 2016 22:22

Yeah basically the same. Thanks

Jan 30 2016 12:30

if the item is being plugged in, then you are not responsible for how a plug outlet is used or what appliance may or may not be plugged in to it, you just need to install an outlet rated and appropriate for the area in which it is installed

Jan 30 2016 13:27

Thanks for the reply.

Na they want them wired into 56 series isolators.