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Posted By Topic: Diesel pump

Feb 03 2016 07:57

Could some help me find some info on the installation of a power point for a diesel pump.
Diesel being different to petrol, is there a

Feb 03 2016 08:10

You\'re right that diesel is different from petrol.
With petrol, this would almost certainly come under \"hazardous area\" (explosive atmosphere)rules.
With diesel, that\'s very unlikely.
Tempting to say diesel is never hazardous area, but wouldn\'t be technically true (eg diesel pump on garage forecourt where the next - or the same - bowser dispenses petrol).
However automotive diesel does not give off flammable vapours at normal atmospheric pressures & temperatures, so as a standalone item I wouldn\'t bother getting someone to (expensively) declare that it\'s not creating any Zones.

Feb 03 2016 11:44

Just following on from Aleck\'s comments , Diesel is typically classified as non hazardous so in a stand alone situation you can treat it like any other appliance.
That said the common approach would not be to install a \"power point \" but to hard wire the pump into a suitable junction box ( 56 series stuff normally good )with an isolator mounted in a suitable location .
As Aleck mentioned if located anywhere near petrol or LPG then it would need to comply with the same rules as for petrol i.e.
Zone 1 and zone 2