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Posted By Topic: Employer licensing

Mar 04 2016 16:48

Ive just been employed as a sole charge sparky at a retirement village. do they need to get an employer license or do i do the appropriate paperwork as required

Mar 04 2016 17:08

If you have a current practicing license that is all you need.

Employers licenses allow employer to employ skilled non licensed persons to work under supervision.

Employer licenses are covered under sub part 2 section 115 - 123 of the Electricity Act 1992.

Oct 02 2018 13:05

So does this mean you need to pay $2,500 to the board to have the privilege to hire and skill up a labourer to industry requirements?


Oct 02 2018 13:59

Either that, or employ people who are already trained and licenced.
Which is what most employers in the industry do.
Important to note that the legal responsibilities under Act & ESRs fall on the licence holder in both cases.

Oct 03 2018 05:33

Thank you Sir,

Although I don\'t expect you to answer the following, any input would be appreciated.

I have a recently discovered disability that will soon limit my capacity to use a 25mm auger to drill out a new installation and hence I will need assistance a few days a month to do this for me.

I have been searching tonight whether drilling a hole through wooden framings in the places I mark can be sub contracted to an unskilled worker without them needing relevant electrical training or licensing, but I cant find the answer yet?
i.e. I cant employ them directly without Employer license and training,but can they invoice me instead?


Oct 03 2018 07:37

Of course you can get someone else to drill the holes. That isnt prescribed work, im sure all of us have paid for concrete cores or similar to be done this is no different.

Sorry to hear about your health issues hopefully this will allow you to manage

Oct 03 2018 19:18

Even for PEW, you can have someone working under your supervision.
No need for an employer licence as long as you are actually supervising, and they stay within limits of work.
Look on EWRB website for guidelines, (two lots, one for trainees and one for persons under supervision); and in the act for limits of work.


Oct 03 2018 22:57

And Drill Corp is born; I am going to get a gang of sub laborers on dole, finance them into drills, pay them in pot and send invoices out for cash; wanna go halfsies?

I actually scanned that schedule one of PEW a couple of times and the definitions, I guess I read too much into \"Installation / Electrical Installation\"; I seem to recall in an Oz state you couldn\'t drill it but that might have been a union thing.

Your weight on the subject is appreciated, thanks


Oct 04 2018 00:09

Thank you too Sir; that additional information is Golden and I will check out the site.

I suspect there is a major flaw in the way the Act/ESR are displayed on the Legislation website (On my Windows Desktop); they are using fonts meant for Paper reading instead of Digital Device reading.

When your fonts and size are wrong, the comprehension rate of what you are reading could drop by five to fifteen percent and that\'s not good when leagalease is factored in plus my flaws :)

I just noticed Firefox Reader View works with the Act but not ESR


Oct 04 2018 04:37

[Ctrl] and [+] on the keyboard is the shortcut for increasing font size.