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Posted By Topic: legality of using unqualified staff to assist

Jun 21 2016 20:15

just curious on what the rules say about using unqualified labour to help with wiring etc, what's the thoughts out there?

Jun 21 2016 20:36

like on the block tonight

Jun 21 2016 20:38

I just put the word unqualified into the act the regs and asnzs 3000 blah.. good news not one hit looks like your good to go. (smiley)


Jun 21 2016 21:09

As long as theyre not playing with the blue smoke there's no problem. Presumably everything they're doing would be checked by a qualified person so there shouldnt be a problem.

Jun 21 2016 21:44

For people with no trainee license look at section 76 (a to d) of the act


Jun 21 2016 21:46

Jun 21 2016 21:48

Look at the limits of work on the EWRB site.
An electrician can supervise anyone doing anything that he is allowed to do. (Except supervising)


Jun 22 2016 08:46

A person under supervision under Section 76 is not allowed to work on anything that is connected.
New cabling, fine (provided they are supervised).
Old cabling, only after a licenced person (or trainee) has disconnected. Not just isolated, but completely disconnected.disconnecting or connecting, never

Sep 21 2016 17:51

Unfortunately, this situation is only going to become more prevalent as there are less and less people in the trades. An unqualified person who doesn't want to be a spark is often safer than a qualified person who doesn't want to be a spark. At least the unqualified are keen to work, do work hard and listen. Labourers have their place. It is ludicrous that digging trenches, drilling holes and screwing back flush boxes falls into the PEW category. If I check everything, then it is certainly going to outrank the end result of homeowners' attempts.

Sep 22 2016 10:54

Not sure where you're coming from...
Digging trenches, drilling holes and screwing back flush boxes are not activities that fall under PEW - none involve work on conductors or fittings intended to be connected to conductors.