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Posted By Topic: Spa pool wiring

Jul 13 2016 16:43

Not an electrician but hoped to ask a question here before I call one for this job.

I picked up a second hand spa pool that had a small issue I have since fixed. While working on it I noted the circulation pump and heater draw is less than 10A (barely). In spite of the spa pack stating \"Must be hard wired on dedicated circuit only\" - if I were to disconnect the other components so that I know the maximum measured current draw is <10A, would it be acceptable to wire a plug to it and run it from a wall socket via a portable RCD?

And if not... What is the accepted method for getting power to a spa perched on a grass lawn. Specifically - will there need to be buried cables. I\'m not the land owner so, don\'t want to bug them without some knowledge of what must happen, and don\'t want to bug a sparky without knowing I\'ve got permission to have it installed.

Thanks in advance

Jul 13 2016 21:23

Is it a portable spa?

Can you find the manufactures instructions?

Jul 13 2016 21:28

For the \"Plug in Spa\" linked above

\"Do I need any special electrical installation?

Not necessarily. The spa is designed to draw no more than 10 amps so that it can be
connected directly to a household power socket. However many customers choose to install a
weatherproof power outlet within reach of their spa. \"


Jul 14 2016 09:40

I don\'t really know what constitutes a portable spa... It is self contained within its own cabinet, and I moved it there haha.. Albeit not easily.

The manufactures instructions state hardwired on dedicated circuit only. In addition to circ pump and heater it has a blower, 2 jet pumps, and ozonator. None of which are connected right now but if they were it would draw almost 30A. I don\'t really want any of the other components so just wondered if it is legal to leave them disconnected and wire a plug to it. I\'m guessing not but worth asking.

Jul 14 2016 11:49

To your orginal question.

In my opioion there some veriation to what differnt electicans will sign off.

You can only really tell from a site visit.

Most electicans will stick faily close to the manufactures instructions so I would suggest use those instructions as a good guide to what they will say.


Jul 14 2016 14:33

Ok and as for running a dedicated circuit to the spa? Does it have to go under the lawn or is there a less invasive method to the property if we\'re not long-term tenants?

Thanks for your replies so far!

Jul 14 2016 16:36

You might be able to run a flex?

But if the spa pool a fixed type they usually have fixed wiring which can get quite major.

You need to talk to your electician.

Jul 14 2016 16:54

It will be cheaper to sell the spa and buy a 10a spa instead of the 30a one you have.

Jul 15 2016 20:12

I\'ll see what the electrician thinks. I got this one for a steal so may still be worth hard wiring. Thanks for your help guys.