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Posted By Topic: Skope Bathroom Heater 977E wiring help!

Jul 18 2016 08:47


I have a Skope bathroom heater, model no. 977e which I took out for cleaning. I didn\'t pay attention while detaching it but has now realised it has got four wires. Green/Yellow, Brown, Blue and Black(double) as shown in the picture. My outlet is Black, Red and Green so I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the double black wire. Any help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Jul 18 2016 21:41

I tried to find an install manual online but I couldn\'t find one.

I would email skope for one.

From the information supplied the back wires are interesting.


Jul 18 2016 22:08

long time since i\'ve done one of these, are you sure there\'s not a wiring layout on it?

Jul 19 2016 07:12

Thank you for replying. I did call Skope, the customer service wasn\'t much of a help.

The only layout I have seen is at the wall mounted plate where the outlet wires are attached marked A/P, N, E which are in correct order.

Jul 19 2016 07:28

This is how the wall mounted plate is attached to outlet wires.

Aug 08 2016 20:01

Just replaced one and remembered this thread. Brown - Active , Blue & Black - Neutral, Green - Earth.
I presume the \'Serene\' ones which are identical also have identical wiring.

Sep 21 2019 19:26

Thanks ryanm10

To clarify: you would

Connect brown wire on the appliance to red wire;
Combine the blue and black wires on the appliance and connect them to the black wire;
And connect the green/yellow wire on the appliance to the green wire.

Is that right?

Sep 21 2019 21:33

Call a sparky maaate!

Sep 24 2019 07:01

Give him a break. He’s been thinking about this for 3 years !

Sep 24 2019 21:35

Jul 18 2016 08:47!
It probably already broken.