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Posted By Topic: Spa isolator

Aug 29 2016 13:57

Apologies I don\'t have my regs/standards with me.
Do I need to install a lockable local isolator for a spa, or is a dedicated 32A RCBO at the board sufficient?
The SPA is permanently connected.


Aug 29 2016 14:27

if you\'ve got access to internet to make post, you\'ve got access to the Regs & Standards. Why should we waste our time looking it up for you?


Aug 29 2016 15:09

I didn\'t realise I could do it online, will give that a go.
Not expecting anyone to do my job for me. Thought somebody who does this regularly would be able to point me in the right direction. Usually only deal with the industrial sector.

Aug 29 2016 19:48

As long as you can remember your \"realme\" logon / password, you can go thru EWRB site to SNZ site& download (most of) the cited Standards
If your phone / tablet has a reasonable chunk of memory, you can carry them around as PDFs

Aug 29 2016 20:19

I would also like to know the answer to this question

I\'ve just read



From what I read it seams a little subjective to whether you need a lockable device for a SPA?


Aug 29 2016 23:17

check zones too while you\'re there

Aug 30 2016 11:03

You could install a lockable isolator in a suitable zone at the spa location or you could install a suitably rated functional switch at the spa location and use the RCBO as the isolation point as it is lockable with a suitable accessory.

Aug 30 2016 12:17

The general requirement for means of isolation can be met by having a main switch..
The only things that need additional are those listed in section 4.
Last time I looked, spa pools aren\'t there... but motors are, which covers the pump, and devices for heating water are too.
So look at 4.13 for the motor, and 4.8 for appliances producing hot water

Nov 21 2019 08:17

Hi, just assessing the requirements myself with regard to a trenched hard-wired connection into the bottom of a Spa pool.
The regs don't specifically cover spa pools (apart from mentioning water heaters and motors as Alex has pointed out) As usual seems to leave a lot to your own interpretation. I get the feeling that 'water heaters' and 'motors' aren't intended for dealing with Spa connections, but since it isn't spelled out it seems safer just to install a switch nearby to the Spa. Trouble is, sometimes there isn't a suitable position for the switch, and it causes a bit of a headache...

p.s. yes I know this is an old post ; )

Nov 21 2019 12:08

Equipment often falls into more than one category, in which case more than one lot of rules will apply.

There's no doubt a spa pool is almost always a "appliance producing hot water", so 4.8 applies. Whereas most spa baths aren't - they just take hot water from the tap. The only new thing WRT this is that when 2018 edition is cited, the water heaters of spa pools will need a local isolating switch; whereas until then we can continue to use the exception that allows the mcb to do the isolation function. An Exception for plug-in equipment may be justified; but if you want it ; you'll have to ask for it. (Standards NZ)

Both spa-baths & spa pools have motors, so the motor rules have to apply