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Posted By Topic: Auditing For Compliance

Sep 09 2016 21:48

Might want to read EWRBs discussion doc on Audit Pilot Trials and possible mandatory audits.

Sep 14 2016 20:16

Instead of auditing to try and find sparkys that may have forgotten Some of the latest testingmaybe the board should provide testing refresher courses so all current sparkys feel competent without needing auditing

Sep 14 2016 20:22

I've personally tried to find somewhere where you can enrol & do a course that covers everything about installation testing - as it was not covered when I did my training as there was no emphasis on it - do you think I could find anywhere - no chance.
Typical that they bring in all these regulations & expect you to train yourself.

Sep 15 2016 08:21

ETCo have a course for exactly that

Sep 15 2016 11:18


As an inspector to run you through it
Here we are showing people all the time.

You could also get a copy of 3017 it explains it well even has pictures

Sep 15 2016 12:43

Had a discussion the other day where the inference was that we could be heading down the road of a points system similar to builders, where a certain number of points per annum could be required to maintain a P/L.


Sep 15 2016 13:09

Thanks, I was searching into Google & I could only find one place that was 'running' courses but they only seemed to do groups of 10 or more.
Will try Etco - thanks for suggestion.
I do have 3017 but I'm sure there are easier ways to do the tests than some of the ways they suggest .
Trouble is finding a gap to find the time to do all this - that's why a course would be great because then it's booked in during work time & you just turn up!

Sep 16 2016 14:39


I do have 3017 but I'm sure there are easier ways to do the tests than some of the ways they suggest

We just discussed this in the office
carnt show the response from the look on every ones faces. needless to say the look of horror was all round

Sep 16 2016 21:02


We could probably talk you through it in this forum.

AS/NZS 3000 8.3.4 sequence of tests is the key.

If I were you, I would work through that table. (8.3.4)

Start a new topic "Earth resistance test - continuity of the main earthing conductor"

Once we have that sorted move to the next section with a new topic etc.........

Better that any coarse :)


Sep 16 2016 21:31


Sep 16 2016 21:36


Sep 17 2016 08:16

"I do have 3017 but I'm sure there are easier ways to do the tests than some of the ways they suggest"

Yes there are ways to speed things up.
Following "3017", you'll be testing every circuit independently. But once you understand the principles of each test, for some - but not others - you can test an entire installation at once.

Some years ago EnergySafe Victoria put out a video that was very good; still is but some of the target values have changed, eg we don't use 0.5 ohms for all earthing any more, have to apply the table.

would be a very good thing if someone could re-make it. A movie isn't as good as hands on practice, but you can do it in your own time.

Yes the ETCo testing course will need a bunch of customers before they will run it - just a matter of having to recover the cost of the instructor's time etc; running that sort of thing for one person means you'd have to pay a lot more.
They use a "suitcase installation" that has a few switchable faults for the trainee to find.