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Posted By Topic: PV DC isolation breaker

Sep 15 2016 14:02

Have a solar system that has 10x 310w panels in series each with a Open circuit voltage of 45v so 10x45 = 450V DC so i need to find a DC isolator rated at 450V DC Found one in the link below however they are unavailable in NZ this one below has operational voltage of 800VDC. there is another schneider 500VDC breaker i found however its operational voltage is only 250VDC.

Does anyone know where to get a DC breaker for isolating a PV array on the roof with rated voltage of 450VDC or more??

Sep 16 2016 00:04

A circuit breaker directly in series with the PV solar cells has no useful purpose. A short circuit delivers very little extra current above optimal operation.


Sep 16 2016 00:20

Clipsal do one
Isolating Switch 1000V DC.

Also available in aussie

Sep 16 2016 00:24

Have a good careful read of AS/NZS 5033 as in NZ you do not need a roof top isolator for PV arrays under some conditions. Get a copy of as/nzs 5033 from the EWRB website.

However a d.c. isolator is required for the grid connect inverter unless it is built into thed inverter.

Sep 16 2016 07:23

Rhino, have a look at the Kraus & Naimer range. They stock DC disconnectors that come in a mounting box already labeled as a DC ISOLATOR. Talk to your local wholesaler. Kraus & Naimer will have stock ex Wellington. They are great at getting gear out to you. They have never let me down!