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Posted By Topic: RCD

Sep 19 2016 15:16

I always understood that schools must have 10 milliamp RCD protection across all circuits when working on them. Recently I quoted some jobs where the ecducaton department stipulated not to fit these on an upgraded switchboard.
I am now prewiring a preschool facility do I need to fit the 10milliamp RCD. I am not even sure where to look to check this

Sep 19 2016 16:58

AS/NZS 3000

see exceptions

I understand the education ministry provides requirements that exceeds AS/NZS 3000


Sep 19 2016 16:59

Sep 19 2016 17:00

"When to use 10mA RCDs
In early childhood education facilities and schools up to year 8, when upgrading distribution boards, or adding additional socket outlets, all socket outlet circuits must be protected by 10mA RCDs. However, you only need to do this in areas where children are being taught or are likely to use portable electrical devices."

"Exceptions to using 10mA RCDs
You don’t need to use 10mA RCDs when the socket outlets are:
over 1.8 metres above the floor
in corridors, multipurpose halls and similar areas where students are unlikely to use portable electrical appliances
for computers (PCs or laptops) that are not for general use – they must have labels stating that they are for ICT use only and they can be fitted with coloured faceplates to make them more distinctive
for other particular purposes, such as use by cleaners."

"When to use 30mA RCDs
For all other outlets in schools, including the above exceptions, and for all lighting circuits, a 30mA RCD must be used for protection.
Specifically, socket outlets installed for use by computers or other ICT devices should be protected by 30mA RCDs. They must have a label stating that they are for ICT use only."

Sep 19 2016 17:47

I have also been advised that it is a Ministry of Education requirement that all 10 mA RCD are required to be resettable by the class teacher without leaving the teaching space.

Which simply means unless the switchboard is in the room the use of 10 mA RCD socket outlets are the easiest to use and wire and reduces the earth leakage currents in the wiring to almost zero.

Sep 19 2016 19:28

Section 10 & specifically 10.2 for RCD protection in schools of the MOE standard for electrical installations in schools.