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Posted By Topic: Dimmers

Sep 26 2016 17:52

I am hoping someone can advise me on how to dim 12 * 40 watt lamps on a Chandelier. PDL are no longer stocking the 1000 watt dimmer.
I have used Electrix dimmer that will take the larger load. But it cuts out dimming when voltage is reduced to about 151v.
This is still far too bright, and especially when other 450 watt units will reduce the Lux level to virtually nothing.
As an experiment I installed 2 of these dimmers in series but nothing changed. Not sure why at this time.
Does anyone know of a solution. The lamps are all incandescent. 20 watt lamps would be ideal but none are available, that I or the customer can find.
Many thanks

Sep 26 2016 19:45

Check out the Clipsal,HPM and Electroquip range. Someone may have what you want.

Sep 26 2016 19:47

Should of added. Give Schneider a call. One of the technical people can probably help you. That's unless someone here has the right answer you need.

Sep 26 2016 21:37

Kiwi Electronics do a range of dimmers. If they cant do one, im guessing no one can.....