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Posted By Topic: Equipment compliance

Sep 28 2016 10:02

If someone is conducting repairs on equipment such as inverters, batteries chargers, fittings and appliances.

That are used in low voltage situations.
What registration would be required ?

Also do you have to be a registered electrician to conduct test and tag??


Sep 28 2016 10:42

generally yes; See Schedule 1 of ESRs for details


Sep 28 2016 10:52

Alek 1

Generally yes

- do they need to be a registered electrician when doing this work? or can they just use electrical service technician registration?


Sep 28 2016 14:31

Depends on exactly what the nature of the work is.
Limits of work for each class of PL are set by EWRB; details on their website

An unlicenced person can do T&T, but is not allowed to do the resulting (electrical)repairs

Sep 28 2016 15:46

Electrical service technician can do repairs on fittings ( fixed wired equipment ) eg Oven, inverter

Electrical appliance service person can do repairs on plug in appliances such as jugs and toasters but not ovens.

What if the electrical equipment being repaired is equipment that is solely being used in ELV situations such as battery chargers, power supply's and solar controllers( which are fixed like an oven but in a ELV situation).

Does this fall under EAS or EST? or none

I understand that an inverter supplying 230v is a fitting therefore EST . What if it was a plug in inverter? then it can be repaired by an EAS

Does this fall under EAS or EST?