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Posted By Topic: Automatic feedingline at zoo

Sep 29 2016 02:39

The project is a feeding line for a zoo.
Its used to get some exercise to the cheetahs. A piece of meat is attached to the car and the beasts should run after that.
Reaches 30mph in 1 second.

Im gonna convert it to constant power, cause the batteries die very quick.

There is a 12V 1200W outrunner as motor, which reaches 100A max.

I want to attach 2 extra steel lines, one for 12V an 1 for the ground.

I just need an option to get the voltage from the lines to the car while moving. So maybe a option with a slip ring

Sep 29 2016 02:47

Anyone some good ideas to get te voltage from the cables to the motor? I thought of adding a spring loaded contact on the wheel of the otherside of the cable.

ill add some ideas i had

Sep 29 2016 02:47

another sketch


Sep 29 2016 02:47

another sketch

Sep 29 2016 02:54

Do you think this is possible for 100A peaks? Or is there a possibility for lots of commutation?

Other options are always welcome to consider.


Sep 29 2016 07:15

I would only use a "slip ring" design as a last resort.

Expensive and/or high maintenance (depending on design).

There will be many other ways of doing this.

Bigger batteries with a constant (regulated) battery charger?


Sep 29 2016 16:06

What sort of length of run are you looking at?
Main problem I see with your idea is that you will probably require high tensile steel wire rope which is fairly high resistance especially on only 12V.
What about a continuous wire driven from 1 end same as cable cars.
Also an idea may be an electric cable feed reel design. This may require a bit more thought as you may require a large reel for rapid rewind and possibly an isolated power supply. but you could run an AC motor driving along as you currently plan.

Sep 29 2016 18:41

Thanks for your replys

The length is about 50 meters(165 feet) There is an outrunner with ESC in the car now. The costs must be as low as possible, and drive with as less maintainance as possible. The people that are using it have no understanding of electrical or what so ever, so batteries is to complicated for them. It must run from -20 to 40 degrees celcius. and sometimes stand still for multiple months.

Batteries would wear out i guess.

They had a Li-Po battery in it, which i measured and had 0.3 V/cell, so thats a risky thing!

Sep 30 2016 07:59

"The costs must be as low as possible, and drive with as less maintainance as possible"

I suspected this might be the case.

In most/many cases you can't have low cost and low maintenance. As a rule of thumb

low cost = high maintenance
high cost = low maintenance

Have a look at other commercial solutions first. That will indicate both design solutions and costs involved.

No point reinventing the wheel

Its possible that there is nothing out there and then you have to make a custom design.