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Posted By Topic: light proximety to fire sprinkler

Oct 01 2016 00:02

Im doing a apartment and the fire sprinkler is smack bang in the middle of the kitchen island bench. Customer wants 3 pendent lights hanging down. any ideas where i can find exact details ?

Oct 01 2016 08:17

please see link below

Oct 01 2016 19:14

If you really want to cover your arse find out who is doing the fire compliance and ask them for advice.
There is a rule - something like for every 50mm depth of fitting you must be 100mm away from sprinkler. (Was qouted that from Fire Fighting Pacific here in chch only recently).

Oct 02 2016 07:40

That sounds like a rule-of-thumb to avoid an obstruction upsetting the spread of water than a relative location rule.

There is no relative location rule for the electrical side, other than for switchboards []

If there's a relative location rule on the sprinkler side, it will be in their installation Standard NZS 4541

Oct 06 2016 17:43

This reply i got from the fire service people.

Normal quick response sprinklers for sleeping occupancy only need to be at least 300mm away from the obstruction. 2.3m spray radius.
Residential spray type sprinklers you need to be at least 900mm away. 3m spray radius.

If any of your ceiling installed sprinklers are more than 2.3m off surrounding walls then you have the residential type. They spray up to 3m.

Oct 06 2016 19:04

without offending the fire service, they have given out wrong information in the past, and commonly mount smoke detectors in the wrong locations - against NZS4512.
So as suggested above you would be best to consult the sprinkler IQP / service company that looks after the site. that way you should end up complying to NZS4541 and keeping the company that has to sign off on the building annually happy all in the same go.

Oct 06 2016 19:19

Surely the pendant flex will not impede the sprinkler pattern enough to be a concern from that point of view.

If the place is on fire and the light gets wet that's ok too. Even if it is turned on I would still not be that concerned.

After the fire is out the whole house should be checked for any ill effects from smoke and water before relivening.

The area under a sprinkler is not in my opinion a normally damp or wet area requiring any IP rating. When the sprinkler is operating it is an exceptional circumstance and not a normal operation.

Oct 08 2016 23:12

Sorry, the reply i got was from the fire systems people who service the building ( through the building manager, not the fire service-fire engine people... )