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Posted By Topic: New Electrical Inspector

Oct 02 2016 13:52

Hi, i have recently become registered as an Inspector and was after any information you guys may have on getting authorisation to work on the local network? Livening builders temp supplies and new houses etc TIA

Oct 02 2016 14:02

You will need to get in contact with the local lines company. Each area have different criteria and hoops that you will need to jump through. Some may not even be prepared to look at it with you as they like to keep authorised contractors to a minimum. Be prepared for quite a high cost for setup and all the health and safety stuff.

Oct 02 2016 15:38

ok thanks for that, will give local network a call and see how things lie.

Oct 03 2016 09:11

Just to be clear

the work you're looking to get into has NOTHING to do with being an inspector.