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Posted By Topic: Electric car supply

Oct 03 2016 19:55

Im in the process of entering a few jobs to the high risk data base before they become late.
I notice a tick box for electric car supply.
Can someone tell me are these now an item requiring an inspection or is Energy safety trying to show whats coming in the future

Oct 03 2016 20:18

I haven't seen anything published yet to indicate that EV charging sockets are high risk so I suspect that the EGHRD people are getting is ahead of the rush.

Oct 04 2016 09:00

Difficult to believe that the database designers would add that item for no reason.

But as Sarmajor said, there's nothing yet to classify it as High Risk, nor to require periodic verification.
Noting that there's no tick-box or other option for this under the PV part of the HRDB.

One might reasonably conclude that there's an intention to require an initial inspection for EV stations, but not periodic. As for mains work.

I'm hoping that EV stations are forced to be set up as installations; and not - as some apparently are right now - as "works".
Coming new edition of "3000" is going to set some rules for EV, but those rules can't apply to "works"


Oct 04 2016 17:59

Got my answer in my emails today a draft paper from Work Safe pointing out where EV charging is going to need inspection and using the high risk data base to record these

Oct 05 2016 22:29

So where is EV charging going to need inspection?

Oct 12 2016 22:20

Any word Nalla?? Maybe a copy/paste of the email?

Also, is there talk of EV outlet becoming standard in residential new builds? Sounds like hogwash to me.

Oct 13 2016 06:53

The grapevine is correct the full final details are still being worked through.

Oct 13 2016 09:54

It makes good sense. Night rate power is a bargain and that's the perfect time to plug in the runabout each day.