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Posted By Topic: Heat light fan

Oct 08 2016 18:33

Hi Guys,
I've noticed that some of these recessed units demand a clearance from timber structure and some don't.
For example HPM units don't, but the MANROSE models do.
The other day I opened an AERLITE unit and was irritated with the instructions on timber clearance.
The diagram shows timber battens flush with the sides of the unit. The SCB is 100mm, but the written instructions specify a 40mm clearance from timber. So 3 different recommendations happening. Anyway, I lost the job as I recommended HPM (as no clearance is required).
Any thoughts on the safety of putting these units against timber battens/beams?

Oct 08 2016 21:36

As for recessed light fittings, use the manufacturers instructions, if the fan/light unit burns the house down the fitting manufacturer will have a problem, provided that you faithfully followed his instructions to the letter.

Oct 08 2016 23:45

I had one similar the other day & refused to install -(combo unit was touching the particle board of the floor above) customer listened & we ended up doing 2 LED lights & a seperate ceiling fan - ended up
Making more money from it & a better result for the customer too - looks better & far more efficient - any customer that won't listen & gets in some other muppet that's happy to do it deserve what they get in my book - most of those combo units are pathetic anyway.

Oct 09 2016 08:06

An HLF is a DMRA so requires SDoC.
Most are a "recessed luminaire (ie fit the definition) , but the larger pones are over 500 W. However because they have more than one function they all fit the definition of room "heaters" instead

As Pluto says, follow the MIs.

And if the MIs are contradictory, follow the "worst case" option they give

Oct 16 2016 18:53

Thanks for replies, cheers.