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Posted By Topic: sips house

Oct 13 2016 21:25

Hi, has anyone had any experience with SIPS houses that use polystrene fill? the price is substantially greater when using non migratory cables, plus trying to source it in 6mm, mains, data and 3core etc.. Has anyone got any thoughts about using polyethylene layflat tube bags to shealth cables?

Oct 15 2016 22:25

what\'s more fun is the 50mm from the surface rule when not on an rcd.....

Oct 16 2016 18:29

Can you not use conduit inside the walls and run standard cables. Seems like it might be easier.

Also depending on the sheathing of the cable the mains might not be affected by the polystyrene like TPS cable is. Some NS cables have HDPE sheathing over XLPE insulation. Worth checking with the cable manufacturers about this.