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Posted By Topic: competency course

Feb 13 2017 22:12

Hi. Are you running courses this yea. Dont seem to be able to see any on the competency tab

Feb 16 2017 09:13

Hi, I have currently been removedfrom the list of training providers, but are applying to be re-instated. I am awaiting my request for information on this but wouldhope to be back in business soon.
Ron Proffit

Feb 16 2017 09:37

Good, I did my refresher with you before and need to renew this year.
Could you put a note on here when training is on again?

Feb 28 2017 10:29

Hi there Ron, time is ticking on and I need to sort out another one of these refresher courses before my card expires.Do you think you will be back in action within say a month?Would prefer going with you again after all these years but if you wont be ready can you recommend someone else.Thanks.

Feb 28 2017 11:21

Hi, Got my application off yesterday and hoping for a quick passage thru wellington. Also last night saw our membership grow to 1300.

Mar 21 2017 15:51

gidday Ron ,I just got another reminder from EWRB re my refresher course,how we looking.

Mar 21 2017 16:15

scrub that, I just read the email properly if I renew before my current training runs out on 19/5/17 apparently that now carries over for my new license period.

Mar 21 2017 16:38

My reading of the EWRB email says that your competency courses can not be greater than 24 months apart. And the training provider signs a chit to say that your knowledge is satisfactory for PL renewal purposes for both courses.

for example
If the time between the last competency course (say it was on the 15th May 2015) and the next intended course date (is on the 15th June 2017) the period greater between 15th May 2017 and the 14th June 2017, your PL would not be valid during this period as you would have exceeded the maximum 24 month period between courses.

Mar 21 2017 16:40

thought so to so I rang them and they confirmed the email.

Mar 22 2017 08:36

Hi Ron, any update before i start making other enquiry\'s cheers

Mar 22 2017 08:58

The requirement for training at maximum intervals no longer exists. It hasn\'t existed for a long time - since 1/4/2010 when EWRB took over setting the rules that previously were in ESRs . The current requirement is simply to have completed the prescribed training within 2 years before date of application.

The current wording is in the current Gazette notice (and there\'s a link to that from EWRB website):

\"After 2 April 2015, applicants for all classes of practising licence (including the renewal of practising licences) must have completed a Competence Programme within a period of two years immediately before the date of each application.\"

So when EWRB advise that your training is about to \"expire\", it simply means that once two years are up since you did it, you can no longer use that training in an application for another PL.

To use the example suggested by Pluto, if your last training was 15 May 2015, then up to 14 May 2017 you can use it to apply for this relicencing round, but if you apply 15 May or later, your training will be more than 24 months old and therefore not valid for this round.

But your PL cannot become invalid in the way suggested by Pluto

Your choice is simply to either apply before expiry, or to do another course before applying.

Applying early might look like a saving, as you can get a PL expiring end June 2019 without doing a course this year. But by then you\'ll need to have done one withing 24 months of the 2019 application, so all it really means is you don\'t have to rush around next couple of months. Trouble is nobody offers the training outside the narrow window just before expiry time. So in practice the if you don\'t do it this year, you\'ll have to do it this time next year, or hope to find someone who offers a course extra-early in 2019.


Mar 30 2017 09:53

Welcome, I have been provisionally approved for the courses again.
I will get a timetable up as soon as I canbut expect sometime late April.
Ron Proffit

Apr 28 2018 17:03

Once again, re-licensing time is rolling around.
I had remembered some of the content of this discussion, and managed to find it again on here.

I checked the EWRB website to try and find the Gazette notice link, but couldn\'t see it from my login. Luckily, Google found it from Alec\'s text above, and it is exactly as written. I have posted the link below, and there are other references as well.

I have also been made aware of the following:
Since January 2018 all Competence Programmes must include the completion of two online learning modules (e-modules) before attending a course. Please follow this link and complete the two courses
I\'m not sure where that requirement is detailed, maybe someone else knows?

In any case, the 2 years time frame on my courses finishes mid June this year, but my practising licence doesn\'t expire until next year so as far as I can see, I have no requirement to update my competency refresher?

The Gazette notice shows that the \"competency program\" is made up of the electrical safety, as well as the first aid and CPR.

But apart from the re-licencing, is there any requirement for electricians to have a current first aid course? (other than site specific requirements, would be my question).


Apr 29 2018 08:43

If you apply within 2 years of dater of your last course, you\'ll be fine.

Other than the EWRB PL training requirement; there\'s no trade-specific requirement for first aid.

Apr 29 2018 10:24

Thanks Alec.

Apr 29 2018 17:10

I guess that means that you could just do it every 4 years then?

Apr 29 2018 17:28

24 months prior expiry of PL....also Sitesafe offer the competency course through out the year so no need to panic.

Apr 29 2018 17:50

Yep, so I do the course in June before my license expires and apply for the new license. Then 23 months later, apply for the next renewal. So I then don\'t have to do it for another 23 months roughly.

May 01 2018 08:52

The way the rule is currently written - yes you could. However I believe EWRB are taking another look at this as it was not the intent.

May 01 2018 09:49

That is exactly what I did Doug the last time I renewed my license and I did it under the advice of the EWRB itself. Below is the email they sent me.

\"Get prepared: Re-licensing round opens next month


Our records show that your competence training will expire before the 2017/19 relicensing round closes on 30 June 2017.

To renew your practising licence, you must have passed a Board-approved competence training programme within the two years prior to relicensing.

You can apply for your 2017/2019 licence from 3 April using your current training, as long as you do so before your training expires. Our records show that your competency training is valid until Sunday, 23 April 2017. If you apply for a licence before Saturday, 22 April 2017, you should be able to use this training to meet the competency training requirement for your licence.

If you do not apply before your competency training expires, you will need to attend a training course. The course you attend must be relevant to the class of registration you hold.

Your current licence expires on 30 June 2017. If you have not renewed your licence by this date, you will no longer be able to do prescribed electrical work. No exceptions will be granted.

View the list of Board approved competence programme providers online.
More information on relicensing is available on the EWRB website.


Richard Stubbings
EWRB registrar\"

May 01 2018 10:54

Good to know they confirmed it. Thanks

May 01 2018 12:38

At the end of the day Doug they have final say on weather or not they issue a license, whats the worst that could happen? They say no you need to sit a competency course? Also if you look at your own details on the EWRB website under \'Personal Details\' it tells you exactly when your competency course training expires.

May 02 2018 10:48

Technically, at the end of the day the courts have final say. The EWRB can\'t arbitrarily refuse to issue a license if you meet all the published requirements.

May 02 2018 10:53

Your in a poor position if it comes down to a court decision.

May 02 2018 10:54

Sorry \'You are\' before the Grammar Nazis start.

May 03 2018 11:02

Agreed, but you\'re also in a poor position if you can\'t legally do your job because the EWRB isn\'t following its own rules. I expect it wouldn\'t get to court because a quick call from a lawyer will make it clear they\'d lose a court case.

Of course the path of least resistance is to just do the course every 2(ish) years and renew your license with a decent amount of time left before your training expires.