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Posted By Topic: Cable with Red/Yellow/Blue coloured Conductors

Apr 08 2017 07:54

If a cable was installed prior to 2003 it was allowed to have the old phase colours of RED/YELLOW/BLUE phase and a GREEN PEC.
This was allowed in NZECP 28: 1993 and NZS 3000: 1997.
This cable could not be used after 2003 for a new installation because in 2003 the Electrical Regulations recognised AS/NZS 3000:2000 and the YELLOW conductor could not be sleeved WHITE to make the cable RED/WHITE/BLUE and the GREEN as the PEC.

My Question is this:
A Cable installed prior to 2003 which has RED/YELLOW/BLUE phase and a GREEN PEC is terminated into a newly installed Exe junction box and then this Exe junction box is using a new section of cable which complies to the new standards (RED/BLUE/WHITE with a GREEN PEC) to a new Exd Motor all in a Zone 1.
This is a new installation apart from the original cable to the new Exe junction box.
The new Exe junction box now has RED/YELLOW/BLUE phase and a GREEN PEC terminated into it.
Does the cable comply as it was installed prior to 2003 for the issue of an ROI for the Installation?


Apr 08 2017 08:08

Only the new part of the installation has to comply with current requirements

Apr 08 2017 08:38

Thanks for that.

I had already came to that conclusion but wanted a second opinion.


Aug 28 2019 10:50

This is a new take on an old problem.

An existing Ex d motor is being replaced by a new Ex d motor in the same physical position in a Zone 1 area and the original cable to the existing motor was installed prior to 2003 and was allowed to have the old phase colours of RED/YELLOW/BLUE phase and a GREEN PEC.

The original cable does not have to be moved in any way so can I use the original RED/YELLOW/BLUE phase and a GREEN PEC cable on the new motor.


Aug 28 2019 11:27

You could take a look at 3000:2018 for updated information about that.

In the mean time, NZ ESRs allow them to remain.

Aug 31 2019 11:06

Not wanting to add further confusion, but if you have an existing mains, in this case commercial with large underground main which is RYB, the building gets demoed to make way for a new construction, and in the process the power is disconnected, meter removed. Then what happens when the new building is erected, and the mains (which test perfectly) are wanting to be reused?
I suppose the problem now being that an SDoC is required for the cable, the ratings of the cable need to be verified, etc. Any way around the need to replace this cable?

Aug 31 2019 12:39

on a side note. I noticed recently in the Waikato some HT overhead upgrades. They still put R Y B disks to identify the phases on the crossarms

Aug 31 2019 13:12

Got to remember that the HT is works, not installations so they don't have to follow AS/NZS3000, but it does have to be electrically safe