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Posted By Topic: cupboard heating

May 24 2017 09:56

two bedroom one year old house, shoes getting mould on in wardrobe.
the ownere (it's a rental) wants a couple of 60watt heaters installed, there are rules about installing energy efficient heating in rentals, anyone aware of this.
also curious on sizing, what experinces do people have out there, double wardrobe, as said new house insulated top and bottom.


May 24 2017 11:17

Sounds like something else going on in this place thats causing the problem , a new house which should be double glazed and insulated shouldn't be getting mould in cupboards.

There are a couple of cupboard heater types available that i know about 1) Damp chaser,2)Tubular heaters,

Both would work fine for what your talking about, but it would make sense to try and find out why its occurring to start with.
Are they using a Gas cabinet heater ?
Is there a fan or ventilation in the Kitchen or bathroom ?


May 24 2017 12:36

Wet shoes being put in cupboard?


May 24 2017 16:00

As TheDon has suggested, I just wonder what their primary heating source is? If they are using a free standing LPG gas bottle heater those things put heaps of moisture into the air.

Jun 07 2017 01:00

It's best for you that you have a concern with professionals.