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Posted By Topic: Rhono batterns

May 25 2017 08:35

Was wondering what people do regarding earthing of Rhondo batterns
Some do some dont
I see them as part of the ceiling system construction and don't earth them but I have been wrong several times before
Any thoughts appreciated

May 25 2017 21:32

Domestic or non-domestic?

If domestic, is it "structural metalwork" forming frame of dwelling?If so, says earth it (note "earth", not "bond")

Non-domestic, apply

May 25 2017 21:55

I would say it's not required - it forms part of the structure of the ceiling - not the dwelling


May 26 2017 08:03

Domestic installations with timber framed house, just rhondo batterns holding up ceiling
I don't believe they are structural as they don't hold up the house only ceiling
Guess it depends on how the judge defines structural


May 26 2017 08:59

Looks like these battens are not all connected together in the way a suspended ceiling would be. So if you did earth them it would require a connection to each one. Doesn't sound very practical for the number of battens in ceiling. Just for info there's an article in the latest NewsLink (May-June 2017) pg 4 on a chap who has developed cable brackets for battens like these.

May 26 2017 09:27

1 point not to lose sight of, and is very dependant on how the lighting fittings type construction and how they are fixed to a ceiling fixed by Rhono battens.

It is a fact that the metal batten that is liable to be become alive, as such it is required to be earthed.

While one could take extreme care with wiring runs and placement with the wiring to the lighting fittings to avoid contact of live parts to do so, requires that it is done with considerable care and skill.

The most sensible course of action is to earth the battens which are near light fittings.

It is likely to occur anyway, with every lighting point (light fitting) has to have an protective earth by AS/NZS 3000 section 5, and if the light fitting is metal, it will be (or should) be earthed and when fixed to the Rhono batten it could be earthing the batten.

It the light fitting provided is a simple batten holder, the earthing connection to the batten is not assured and thus the batten should be formally earthed.