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Posted By Topic: Extension lead runs 1 metre behind a wall

May 25 2017 15:18

Hi, I have a 10 Amp rated extension lead running behind a wall for about 1 metre. The lead itself is 5 metres long and plugs into a regular socket. On the other side a TV is plugged into the lead. The side that plugs in has a screw plug (so the original one was cut off and replaced). tells me all kinds of things about flexible wiring but not extension cords. It is not a permanently connected cord - as the appliance (TV) can be plugged in and the extension lead can be unplugged, I don't see it as installation wiring.

Normally no problem of course, but is it allowed the 1 metre behind the gib wall?

I searched this forum and though 1 subject gets close, it doesn't tell me whether this is illegal or just a grey area.

Am I wrong?



May 25 2017 17:38

answer this question, can you fully remove the lead from the wall without taking the plug off, if the answer is no then it's installed, been in a domestic installation light blue used as a neutral (as it is in a standard extension cord) it is not alllowed

May 25 2017 17:46

Forget the fact that it is an extension cord , It is still a flexible cord so tells you what you need to know .
It doesn't meet the requirements of the exceptions so it must be classed as installation wiring , and to be installation wiring it must be heavy duty flex .
So is it a 1.5mm extension cord or just a light duty one ? .That is going to be what determines if its ok to live there

May 25 2017 21:06

JohnnyV there's a good chance that a sparky could use the extension cord as a draw wire to replace the lead with a compliant switched socket, looped off the other socket. If the circuit isn't already on RCD then they'd have to add one but that's a good thing. Safer than what you have now.

May 26 2017 15:49

Hey Guys, thanks a lot for the replies!
Was hoping you'd say ANYTHING to let me leave it as is. But no, you had to make me face reality... :-)

Appreciated though!

May 26 2017 17:21

The first reply had the answer for you. Cut the holes bigger so that the plug passes through. I had something similar once and fitted a conduit through the wall big enough for the plug.

May 27 2017 14:08

Just remove it when you go to sell up