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Posted By Topic: Telescopic pole

May 25 2017 21:28

I am wondering where is the best place for me to buy a decent telescopic pole for LV pole work like disconnecting pole fuses? I am presently using a round pole which is ancient and difficult to operate so is looking for a pole that is detachable and which need not be twisted to lock. What should be my budget and what could be the brands that I should look for.
Any advice would be appreciated.

May 25 2017 21:42

Talk to your preferred wholesaler.
There are (at least) a couple of brands of fibreglass telescopic poles that take a variety of different tools on the top end including for differnent types of fuse.
Trouble is the tools from one brand don't necessarily fit the other brand's poles.
Mine come from Brazil from memory, but I'm out of town at presenr so cant check the paperwork.
The tool for NZI porcelain fuses cost a bomb, and I had to modify it 'cos it was the wrong brand for my poles.