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Posted By Topic: Downlights in fire-rated ceiling

May 26 2017 07:40

Hi guys,
Anyone aware of a retrofit solution to LED downlights installed into a fire-rated ceiling. Something that can go up into a ceiling to enclose the fitting.
Sounds like a bit of a hard ask.

I'm assuming the driver would also need to be enclosed for compliance.

Thoughts appreciated!

May 26 2017 20:33

one possible....

May 30 2017 16:15

Here is another one, Firepro FF109.

May 31 2017 17:16

There are numerous fire rated downlights on the market. Otherwise could you not use those witches hat fire stops?

May 31 2017 19:12

Cheers fellas, and special thanks to Just Suppose with the link to Potters - this is the product I went for.

I did look at a replacement fitting, but these specified SCB of 50mm and HCB of 150mm, which was not possible in this particular ceiling.

The downlights installed are zero rated, and with the 'witches hat' it seems I'm sorted.

Thanks again y'all!