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Ron Proffit
May 26 2017 10:48

Hi Folks
I am back on the job now and will have a full timetable up as soon as I can book some venues, in the meantime here is the prerequisites for the course.
Before you attend the course you are required to complete 2 short online learning modules. These modules will provide an overview of the Electrical Workers Competence Program, and review the key points you'll need to know to complete the written assessment and practical exercises they can be accessed here
Also bring the following items:
e-learning cert.
test instruments (we will have some but you will be familier with your own)
safety glasses
copies of standards (hard or electronic)
practicing licence (for id)

May 26 2017 13:42

Hi what's the go with the online learning modules a lot of my sparky mates have recently done there refresher course and haven't done this a new thing?
Also how in depth is the testing at the course

May 27 2017 07:29

The online modules are part of the new standardised requirements being rolled out by EWRB.
From sometime after end of this round, it will be mandatory for all to have completed these modules before attending the new standard-content refresher.
Should eliminate the wide variety of content between different providers, with all singing from EWRB song-sheet. But whether the new system is any good will depend on the Board getting their content right.

May 29 2017 17:27

Hi Ron, glad you are set up again.
I see you have courses in Howick and N Shore, will you be doing any in Blockhouse Bay (my nearest venue)during June?
My ticket runs out at the end of June so it is getting a bit tight.

May 29 2017 17:34

"My ticket runs out at the end of June so it is getting a bit tight"

Renew now, and according to EWRB you won't need to do refresher etc until just before your next PL expires.

I received this txt from them:

"Renew your Electrical Workers Licence Now If you relicense before your competency training expires on 22 May you won't have to update training until 2019 EWRB"

Sorry Ron :), unless you are doing a Site Safe refresher to get Electrical Passport for C&D work, hold off until early in 2019 and you'll be good to go

May 30 2017 20:16

Has the refresher course changed much from 2 years ago is there now practical assement and a test is it still 4 hours?

May 31 2017 15:07

Has anyone done the 2 short online learning modules that Ron's talking about?

May 31 2017 15:51

All done no problem....Why?

May 31 2017 16:31

just have not done one in the past years and was wondering if its a test or info about what will be on the course?

May 31 2017 16:50

The pre-course modules set by EWRB will be mandatory for all after this round.
Some providers are trialling them this time - others aren't.
The point is to avoid wasting other attendees' time while tutors deal with questions about the basics.

Jun 01 2017 15:53

I cant find the anywhere so rang EWRB and they've not heard of it?, confused, help were is it


Jun 01 2017 16:22


Jun 01 2017 16:34

Your search - - did not match any
Thanks Aleck
But got this reply so still not quite correct, if you could check your link/ thanks



Make sure that all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords.


Jun 01 2017 17:28

That was a copy-&-paste of the page my bookmark took me to.
Try just

Jun 06 2017 09:00

Hi Ron are you doing courses at Blockhouse Bay this year

Jun 19 2017 09:37

Hi Ron, I'm booked in at Birkenhead this week.
The modules on the EWRB site did not seem very useful, one more bit of paperwork in my opinion.

Are there any particular areas of the regs we should prep up on for the test?
Yes I know everybody is meant to know everything but in practice people better remember the rules for the stuff they regularly deal with.

Jun 19 2017 10:52

The electrical part of the required course content is specified - as topics - in the Gazette notice:

there's a pointer on EWRB website.
Any test to assess competence would cover naturally all these topics to some degree.

Note that these are all described as being about "electrical safety", not about ESRs & Standards (which is what I presume you mean by "regs").

As for details of particular areas asked about in any test set by a particular provider, surely being told that in advance rather defeats the purpose of being assessed?

Jun 19 2017 19:06

Surely it would be more sensible to run thru all testing procedures and answer questions and teach rather than try and catch out a few sparkys that may miss something and possibly fail the course

Jul 11 2017 22:22

thanks for sharing! That's what I was looking for

Jul 12 2017 09:04

The purpose of an EWRB competence course is not to teach what you should know, but to check that you do know it.
If you want a "teaching" course you'll have to go elsewhere; ETCo do a course on how to test