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Posted By Topic: Chassis Punches

May 27 2017 14:13

Does anyone use a chassis punch instead of a hole saw? (Like this )

Just wanting to know if anyone has an opinion of them, if they last a lot longer then a hole saw of the same size ?


May 27 2017 14:52

Used them years ago. Great if you want to make a smaller hole bigger. Still need a pilot hole to suit bolt. You could also get a hand tool for it like a large rivet gun. If you don't exceed the specs for metal types and thickness then they do last. A nice clean hole.
I've also gotten clean holes from a decent tungsten carbide hole saw. Then again I've had not so clean holes from tungsten saws.
Here's a link to the Voltex ones to see what I'm talking about. I've never tried the Voltex branded ones though.

May 27 2017 17:09

Depends on what you are doing with it, i've done stainless steel enclosures both ways, the chassis punch is good if your doing lots of holes on panel steel, but if your only doing a few go for a hole saw, choose the right hole saw for the job

May 29 2017 17:32

A chassis punch is the best tool for pre-wiring steel-frame buildings. It fits nicely in tight spaces like corners; drill the pilot hole with a small angle drill then screw up the cunch with a socket and ratchet. Easier and neater than holesaws!

May 29 2017 19:03

Just found this. I want one😄