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Posted By Topic: Ripple Relays

May 29 2017 06:40

Hi !
I have come across situations where Ripple relay is faulty or not required because customer dnt need control load for reliablity of heating .
Ripple relay is sealed by supply company.
Disconnecting feed from relay to load at Circuit breaker without breaking the seal is ok or Supply company need inform first.
What is the correct way ?

May 29 2017 07:56

Sealed by the retailer (not the lines co) as it is part of the site certification as it affects the pricing. So talk to the retailer (whoever that is). If no joy there then chat with the lines co as they often own the relay.

May 29 2017 08:34

There will be a contract in place between consumer & retailer.
There will also be a contract in place between consumer and network.
Either / both of these contracts will be based on some loads or load types being controlled.
Altering that configuration without renegotiating the contracts will get the consumer into trouble; eg breach of contract & other civil litigation.
You touching equipment owned by a network without authority breaches ESRs (law).

Tread carefully, and try not to get caught in the middle. Negotiating this stuff on behalf of your customer can be very time-consuming - and they may not like paying for the time it takes.