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Posted By Topic: Each time you start a job - safe or unsafe

May 29 2017 13:04

Hi all

I've just been doing the EWRB online pre-refresher coarse.

They are indicating that you need to do a risk assessment before starting any job?

If you find any unsafe equipment it needs to be reported to owner/occupier and ENERGY SAFE.

Then it gives so examples of electrically unsafe.

My question/statement is we have all seen things like these and sometimes/many times reported then to owners but I have never reported to energy safe.

Are others reporting to energy safe?

If we all did report wouldn't energy safe get overloaded?

May 29 2017 19:10

You will not have to report to ESS it the level of unsafe reaches immediate danger to life or property as per ESR 19(2) and only if you discover it under your he circumstances set out in ESR 19(1).

Other reporting is optional.

May 29 2017 21:30

Yep, that was my understanding also

Just wondering if EWRB are pushing something else?

May 29 2017 21:58

I thought I worked for myself, not "energy safe"???

Unless they ask me for my bank details in order to pay me I wouldn't rely on me for policing their domain...

Are we electricians this stupid? Really?

May 30 2017 08:16

they don't need your bank details, 'cos they won't be doing the paying.
ESR 19 says instead that you'll be paying the govt if you are found not to have reported something that should have been reported. Level 2 penalty: up to $10k for an individual, $50k for a non-individual.

May 30 2017 08:18

Pre start risk assessment - yes you have to do it.
But since when was it in the syllabus of refresher training? This is part of Safe Work Practices (US 15851) that has been removed from the 2 yearly refresher program a few years ago.

US 15851

Syllabus for Inspector refresher content (other registrations are similar)


May 30 2017 10:03

Overall this initiative from the Board appears to be on the right track; but there are a couple of things where I think they are not correct in their interpretation.

Reporting electrically unsafe is one of the bits they got wrong. The requirement to report is not "electrocally unsafe" it's "immediate hazard"; which is further down the scale.

And one of their examples is not electrically unsafe. It's not non-compliant either. Just bloody untidy.

There could be more that I haven't seen - and i may have seen different questions / example than someone else. I attended a recent presentation where they said the material you see each time you go through the modules will be different; drawn from a library of questions.

May 30 2017 10:34

"And one of their examples is not electrically unsafe. It's not non-compliant either. Just bloody untidy."

I thought the same at first but after closer inspection/thought the TPS is wrapped around some flat strapping which has knife sharp edges. I would class that as electrically unsafe?

May 30 2017 11:09

Not as defined in ESR 5 in my view - though there's room for opinion as to how "significant" the risk of damage to property is.

Certainly not an "immediate hazard" requiring to be reported.

And since there's double insulation, the metal doesn't need to be earthed under 5.4.6.

But could argue whether compliant with 3.1.2 (f) - which depends on assessing the entire situation to establish likelihood of damage to cable in the circumstances.