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Posted By Topic: test and tagging tools

May 29 2017 19:44

I have recollections of reading here that some tradies do not need to have their tools tested and tagged if they are plugged into an RCD, is this correct and if so where states this is the case?

May 29 2017 20:12

T&T is NOT mandatory for anyone.
It IS recognised in ESR 26 as achieving "electrically safe" for equipment used by employees / subbies / people hiring equipment
And it is looked on by Worksafe" as the primary means of having a safe workplace (electrically); especially for C&D (where they seem to believe it is mandatory, even though there is NO rule anywhere that goes anywhere near making it so).

Using an RTCd gets the same recognition under ESR 26 for equipment used by hirrer or lessee.

And ES have told us they intend to switch that priority, so that RCD gets recognition in all cases - aiming to avoid Ozzy problems of empires being built on half-arsed T&T regimes. But that will need an Amendment to ESRs.

May 29 2017 21:27

energy safe

May 30 2017 07:10

With views of business opportunities like this, it's unsuprising that most sparkies howl over the money they are making, or rather not making.

Bet the plumbers wouldn't bitch and carp if they had some regulations that required owners of installations to not be reckless about the safety of their pipework and associated fittings, and then provided some guidance how that duty could be discharged.

No, reckon they'd provide the service and charge accordingly

May 30 2017 08:44

Who's bitching?
The OP asked a straight question, and got an accurate answer (actually two accurate answers) to that question.
Or perhaps it's your view that it's OK to lie in order to get work that doesn't actually need to be done?

May 30 2017 09:00

it's actually for a builder on a site i'm working on, i carry tags, just cause they're there and he asked be to tag 20 odd tools, and was happy at $5 each, a cool hundy to sit there in the sun too. I said I wasn't sure it was compulsary so checked here, and now i've done myself a hundy sadly. What i have also done is earn the respect of another tradie and highly likely a lot of work as he's been tired of paying out for something that is a crock.

May 30 2017 09:29

Your builder's opinion might change if / when a Worksafe jobsworth comes calling. The question for workplace managers is whether the hassle & expense of T&T is justified, and that includes comparing the hassle and expense of arguing with Worksafe, as well as the cost of any alternative safety programme they may choose to follow instead.

As for pricing, I'd suggest $5 is on the light side, being approx $52 / h (+GST)if everything goes right, and less if it doesn't.