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Posted By Topic: 2 pole RCCB/ without Phase and Neutral Marking

May 30 2017 10:25

There are some brands like GE and others
Without Any marking at all.
Shouldnt these be marked which side neutrals to go and phase.
We all know load and neutral pair on one end and live and neutral on other end.

May 30 2017 10:32

It is a requirement of the AS/NZS (IEC) 61008 (RCCB) and AS/NZS (IEC) 61009 (RCBO) to permanently mark the Neutral pole on RCDs.

If they don't comply with these standards they do NOT comply with ESR 2010 requirements.

May 30 2017 11:01

Haven't struck any that are not marked for polarity, but some (eg Arlec) it's hard to see - just a moulded letter with no printed colour.

May 30 2017 16:08

GE Brand with no marking.

Tried to upload picture but it says more than 200k size

May 30 2017 17:26

Quote from both Standards: "Terminals exclusively intended for the connection of the neutral circuit shall be indicated by the letter N. "
They must also be marked with a wiring diagram (you might find this on the side instead of the front)

which leaves two possibilities: either it's non-compliant (which i don't believe), or polarity doesn't matter ()much more likely)

May 31 2017 18:17

Yes, Legrand (HPM) RCCBs are like this. I normally wire them like the other brands, ie N on the left and L on the right.