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Posted By Topic: Conduit work

Jun 01 2017 16:56

I been told to use conduit cable for conduit work and came across couple of jobs where Tps is used with Sheath.

With sheath Tps cable in conduit need to be derated for restriction of heat desipation.
Guys what your thoughts on that?


Jun 01 2017 17:12

correct, plenty of info in the standards, but you been an electrician should already know that....right?

Jun 01 2017 17:41

This is Electrical forum where we discuss stuff we come across at work .
passing comments like that gregg i find it not appropiate.
If you dnt want to add comment just pass it.

Jun 01 2017 18:35

AS/NZS3008.1.2 Table 10 or table 13 is a good start.

Seem to recall that conduit wire in conduit as part of a sub circuit or final circuit isn't allowed, it will be somewhere in section 3 of 3000

Jun 03 2017 06:20

CCC ratings are in "3008" rather than "3000".

Assuming one circuit:

For conduit wire, Table 4, wiring enclosure (conduit) in air = 27 A.

For TPS, Table 10, wiring enclosure in air = 26 A.

So yes a lower CCC, but not much

Jun 04 2017 08:34

I think I have only ever run TPS cable through conduit.

Maybe your mate is more concerned about pulling the cables through the conduit than about heat??

In AS/NZ3000 appendix C there is 'guideline' tables (C9, C10 & C11) for max cables in conduit that is worth having a look at!