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Posted By Topic: Backup generation for lifestyle block

Jun 05 2017 08:56

We\'re looking at a property which includes grid-tied solar, a windmill, battery bank, a diesel generator and changeover switch.

Beyond AS/NZS 3000 section 7.3, where else should I be looking to assess whether the installation is compliant?

If I\'m unconvinced I may commission an an inspector to do further assessment. Who in the Wairarapa region would be qualified and competent to make that assessment?

Jun 05 2017 09:40

Inverter: 4777.1
(plus there will be an agreement with the linesco, so likely to have been checked)
PV: 5033
Genset: 3010

However specific compliance issues may vary with age

Jun 05 2017 09:57

Greig Hoskings in Carterton is the best person in the Wairarapa is well versed in the requirements for PV power.

Jun 05 2017 10:00

AS/NZS 4509.1 may also apply in addition to AS 4777.1, AS/NZS 5033 and AS/NZS 3010.

If the installation does NOT have a mains power supply from the local lines Co. AS 4777.1 will NOT apply and AS/NZS 4509.1 will apply in instead.

Jun 05 2017 10:23

As suggested by Pluto, Hoskins Energy Systems in Carterton have a good reputation.


Jun 05 2017 16:18

Thanks gentlemen. The install is near carterton and only a few years old - still looks shiny. I\'ll give Hoskins a call.