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Posted By Topic: Joins using plugs instead of J-boxes

Jun 05 2017 19:54

Was wondering if there are any regs that forbid the use of plugs in the place of J-boxes. plugs would be correctly rated and have a latching mechanism that requires a deliberate act to disengage the latching. as stated in AS/NZS 3000 clause 3.7.4.

Plugs will be used to join lighting and power circuits to supply


Jun 05 2017 20:14

Zharax, will the plug/sockets be accessible?

Jun 05 2017 20:45

Does anyone know what a "soft wiring system" is? Mentioned in note 1 to 3.7.4

Jun 05 2017 20:57

Soft wiring is a flexible wiring system using installation couplers (plugs & sockets).

Generally used in offices, commonly with raised floors. The wiring system can go under or above the floor, and up into desk wiring spaces with socket outlets etc.

It's basically a type of flexible installation wiring, that doesn't need additional protection when using it unenclosed.

Jun 05 2017 20:59

Go to the electric wholesalers and ask for "installation couplers".

Jun 05 2017 21:22

Cheers DougP.