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Posted By Topic: Conectable Instalation - 2 supplies

Jun 06 2017 15:12


I have a customer with a connectable installation they are designing and want 2 appliance inlets to supply it - one at each end of the container. My first suggestion was "buy an extension lead" but apparently that was not a suitable solution.

I am thinking something like a 3010 type changeover switch (phase and neutral) On off on main switch. However this is not stand by generation that I would be doing.

Can I use this type of solution using 3010 out of scope? Would it meet the requirements of 3000 and 3001? Or am I into Part 1 + CD territory here?

I do plan on having more of a read of 3000 and 3001 however I'm sure you can appreciate my concern for missing something in a document that large. Interested in your thoughts.

Jun 06 2017 15:52

No provision is made in AS/NZS 3001 for 2 appliance inlet positions.

I would no problems in using 2 different positions for the appliance inlets, and the provision of a well labelled changeover switch to select which appliance inlet is being used, provide an OFF position for use as a a main switch.

Jun 06 2017 15:55

Are the 2 inlets intended as alternative options, ie supply via only one or the other at one time?

Or are they intended to provide a higher-capacity supply by being used together?.

If alternatives, a simple change-over switch, similar to what's used for stand-by supply. Use Fig 3.2 , not Fig 3.1, as ypou won't need the 3rd pole maing a temporary N-E connection, just a straight changeover.

If dual supply, clause applies; no changeover, and basically 2 separate connectable installations each with inlet, switchboard, & final subcircuits.

Jun 06 2017 16:03

Omitted from my reply will need to switch both neutral on the changeover switch as the neutral on the unused appliance inlet will be live 9if touched) when the other appliance inlet is connected to a mains supply.

Jun 06 2017 16:04

First option Alek. One or the other. My concern is using 3010 out of scope. It isnt for stand by generation. Its just because they dont want to run leads. If that puts it into Pt1 territory that is fine I just need to ensure there is a CD to work from.

Jun 06 2017 16:06

"need to switch both neutral on the changeover switch"

Yep will do - did put "phase and neutral switched" in OP

Jun 06 2017 16:09

It is no different if a mains supply and a plug and socket connected generating set, so NOT part 1.

Part 1 option if not available for connectable installations due to ESR regulation requiring that all connectable installations must comply with AS/NZS 3001 or AS/NZS 3004.

Jun 06 2017 16:18

OK yes understood cant use Pt1. Thanks Pluto.

Jun 06 2017 17:52

So use Fig 3.2, just with another inlet where the Fig shows a genset / inverter.

That way you'll have full isolation between the 2 inlets, and no risk of a live N-pin on the one you're not using.

Not a "normal" config, but perfectly compliant.