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Posted By Topic: existing mains

Jun 07 2017 11:06

I know this will have come up before but cant find it here.
The existing mains is UG and would have been done to replace aerials decades ago. Original house got removed from site. Existing mains got made into a builders temp, that work took place 18 months ago and was done by the network company. I now apply for a permanent connection to the new building onsite, we have to dig up 6m of cable and relocate into meter box, and will ECOC the work we do.
Problem is network now want a ECOC for the existing UG mains in its entirety. My response was either, the network has a ECOC as per their own requirements for the temp they connected, or unless the inspector can deem the cable unsafe, it can be accepted that because it is in service, it can be disconnected in the morning, we do our works and certify, then they reconnect the permanent later that day. Covered under reg 113 (2)?
Their response was I have to have it potholed and verified.
My thinking is the other way round, in that they have to have grounds to refuse to connect? I don't see why the client has to incur further costs.

Jun 07 2017 11:26

Under ESRs, these are existing, in-service mains. Any alteration to them will need to be certified - and inspected. But any part not altered remains in service and is entitled to be so under ESR 113.

A valid CoC simply cannot be issued, for existing parts of installations

However IF the particular network has a rule written into their supply contract with the consumer, they can enforce (almost) whatever conditions they like. I say "almost": because they are not legally entitled to "require" someone else to break a law - which issuing a CoC for the existing cable would be.


Jun 07 2017 11:54

I've never done work on a new build, but is there usually a supply contract in place before the BTS is connected or is it normally the case that there is no retailer until the power has been connected to the building rather than the BTS? The latter would make it difficult for the network to have a supply contract until there is a consumer to have a contract with...

Jun 07 2017 12:57

Thanks for that. Just asking, i generally make a $10 donation after asking a question, is that acceptable? whats etiquette here? would hate to see this forum disappear.