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Posted By Topic: Amps & Phases - New Connection for New Sites

Jun 07 2017 11:41

Hi everyone,

We are applying for new connections from Vector for two sites to build two homes, each 2-story, 5 bedrooms.

Would a single phase service pit be required or can we do two phase pits to service both sites?

How many amps is ideal in order to service each home that will also likely run heat pumps and electric hot water cylinder?

Many thanks.

Jun 07 2017 12:12

Time to get out your copy of AS/NZS3000, section C and work out the maximum demand.

As far as the pit connection goes, I would assume the supply company would want 1 phase per consumer so they could have their own fuse and balance the load across the network as best as possible. This would have to be worked out with the power company, they may have other ideas

Jun 07 2017 18:25

Do some work yourselves.

We are not a free design service.
Basic stuff that every electrician should be able to work out.

Rule of thumb is for amateurs and often results in an unhappy customer who is either getting bills for supply capacity he doesn't need or is not able to use all that lovely electrical stuff he paid to have installed.