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Posted By Topic: How to Load to my Inverter

Jun 08 2017 18:48

Hello Expert

pls i have 2kva inverter .I want to connect to the whole house, then i want to regulate the load in such that when Air condition or freezer is mistakenly turn on,the inverter wount power it. But when low appliances like tv,Fan and bulb are turned on ,it will power it.

My question is,
1-What is the device to achieve this called?
2- and any help how to setup, or any video link will be appreciated.

Jun 08 2017 19:19

You need a whole bunch of stuff to do it properly. Best to ring a local sparky. The last thing you want is to send 230volts down the lines when the power is out and there is linesman working in the area.
Most people realise it a lot cheaper and easier to buy a generator and run a lead off that into your house and plug in what you want to.