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Posted By Topic: Compliance docs for control panel

Jun 09 2017 13:57

Hi All,

Lets suppose you are assembling small control panels and selling them to another electrician to install. Apart from supplying SDoCs for any DMRA componants within the panel, is there any other legally required documentation required from the vendor? I believe that once installed it becomes part of the installation and the responsibility for certification falls to the electricion signing the CoC/ESC. Your thoughts gents?

Jun 09 2017 14:16

as an intermediate supplier, you don't have to provide copies of SDoCs; just have to know that original NZ supplier has issued them for each DMRA.

Correct that such equipment becomes part of an installation, and is covered by the CoC issued by / on behalf of the installer.

Jun 09 2017 14:24

Thanks for the quick reply. Cheers

Jun 26 2017 08:56

Belated reply here, but remember that certification from the electricians point of view is limited. i.e. IRT, earthing, nameplate current rating vs cable etc

It doesn't absolve (for instance) a control box which explodes a few days later due to it's own internal design issues.

Electricians are not necessarily commissioning equipment. That is a different role.