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Posted By Topic: Test Meters / Calibration

Jun 11 2017 18:15

With the cost of meters and calibration what would the minimum a sparkie could get away with today and how often would re-calibration be needed?

I suggest:

1 X Duspol
1 X Megger / Earth Loop Tester
1 X RCD tester


If you comment please state what you carry...

Jun 11 2017 20:51

There is no requirement to "calibrate" your general electrical test equipment.

We are required to verify from time to time that the equipment is accurate and giving correct results.

As others have answered previously this can be simply done by testing known circuits. For example testing the RCD protected power point in your garage when you buy the instrument and recording the result. Subsequent tests on the same socket outlets should give similar results. As long as there is no significant change in the results you have verified that the meter is still as accurate as when it was purchased.

You can buy calibration resistor packs from various suppliers or make your own.

For multimeters the results really only have to be close as most fault finding is about voltage there or not there.

Jun 12 2017 09:20

Having that "Forbidden" problem again, so bare-basics: the mandated tests of work done can be adequately tested with suitable types of 1 voltmeter, 2 ohm meter, 3 IR tester. RCD testers only needed for some specialist work; EFLI testers not needed at all.

Jun 12 2017 10:40

so Sarmajor, how do you know the first one was right?

Jun 12 2017 10:54

If your new instrument comes with a calibration certificate - as good meters do - that establishes a baseline.
Note that the requirement (in "3017", and soon to be in "3000") is not necessarily full calibration but basic check of accuracy. Quote: " "Instrument accuracy should be confirmed by checking against a range of resistors of known values or by regular calibration checks".

BTW; the "what gear is needed" question is answered in "3017" clause 1.7.2. noting that an "instrument for measuring fault-loop impedance" could be the same ohm-meter listed earlier; and the "instrument or device for checking the operation of a RCD" could be your finger (or, as mentioned in, a plug with a suitable resistor) plus the same ohm-meter (or voltage indicator listed earlier.

Jun 12 2017 18:42

Aleck has given the answer that I would have give.
Good gear comes with a calibration cert.

We can also calibrate most things in house if required.