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Jun 15 2017 00:05

I've been attempting to narrow my loose understandings of the rules ... finding at the beginning of both the Electricity Act 1992 and the Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 there is a section called Interpretation, where there is a list of terms that get defined.

First up is Works, Installations, Equipment, Appliances and Fittings.

If I've got it right, there is three partitions:
Works - provider of electricity.
Installations - consumer of electricity.
Appliances - electricity consuming machinery in an installation.

Fittings would appear to be whole lot broader than I expected. It seems to be all components (including cables) of works and installations but not appliances.

There is no definition of equipment but it seems to be all components of works, installations and appliances.


Jun 15 2017 00:36

Act interpretation link -

Jun 15 2017 00:37

Regs interpretation link -

Jun 15 2017 01:55

So a light bulb is an appliance and the light fitting for that bulb is part of the installation.


Jun 15 2017 01:57

Crap, quotes in the subject don't work right. :(


Jun 15 2017 01:59

Time to start over -